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FcDroid (Flashcards for android) 2.50@(03/11/2011)It's New

FcDroid (Flashcards for Android) is an application for Android 1.60 and above. Flag Quiz (Africa)


  • Multiple-line
  • .png .gif .jpg files can be included
  • Both ways: front side -> back side / back side -> front side
  • Different directions: forward / backward / random T / random P
  • Bookmark
  • Level & Range: Skip the tricks you have learned by heart or study more intently the tricks you find difficult to memorize.
  • Full / split screen
  • Adjustable font size
  • External fonts can be used, even if not installed
  • One-hand operation - hold your divice and use your thumb
  • Text to Speech in different languages
  • Very simple data format: Write your own data with ease with your favourite text editor.

--What's new (2.3->2.5)--
* The bookmark is to be saved to the file automatically.
* The unsaved changes to the levels are automatically saved, when leaving the application or opening another data file.
* All-reset function is added to 'Level'.
* Updated internal sample data '100 Japanese poems'.

English manual -> On-line manual

To download sample data, click "FcDroid Data" on the left.

FcDroid can be downloaded from the Android Market. (freeware)

"Excel->.fcd Converter (Basic) for FcDroid" 1.00 ( (08/08/2011)

* Works on MS Excel 97 and above.
* This is just a _basic_ converter. You will get only the part after )Data------. Don't expect too much! <g> Write the part above, using your favorite editor.

To download, click here-> Download

Yoshi Ishijima 2011